About us

Intellirich Devsoft Pvt. Ltd. (IRDS) incorporated in the year June 2015 is a trading solution provider with a team of experienced and passionate intellectuals with focus on providing innovative trading solutions.We are committed to the qualitative, efficiency, innovativeness and timeliness of our deliverables with high focus on maximum customer satisfaction.

Vision and Mission Statement

Making trading effortless and hassle free for end users by providing innovative and competitive solutions.

We intend to achieve this by

  • Ensuring attentive, effective and proactive customer service.Continually building our skills and knowledge to meet the growing and diverse needs of customers.
  • Being highly agile in responding to changes in market.
  • Being admired for our business values and ethics, reliability, customer satisfaction and innovation.

Values of IRDS…

  • Innovation:- Innovation is the creation and delivery of new customer value in the marketplace. We have innovative team resources with domain expertise.
  • Research:- We do the optimum Research in domain to start the project.
  • Development:- We Develop the quality product.
  • Solution:- We identify the user needs to deliver the best Solutions to the user, to enable clients to maximize returns on its investment.

Products and Services

We have worked extensively on following technical analysis platforms and APIs exposed by some of the well-known brokers.

Technical Analysis Platforms

  • TradersStudio
  • Amibroker
  • TradeStation
  • MultiCharts
  • MetaTrader
  • Interactive Broker
  • ESignal
  • Connectivity with Broker APIs
  • FXCM API – Forex Connect C++ APIs
  • FXCM FIX API – FIX Protocol with version FIX.4.4
  • Zerodha Kite API (REST APIs)


Bridges are excellent tools for traders to turn their knowledge and expertise about market into money making machines. All they have to do is have a strategy and use it with one of our bridges to place orders.These bridges work on the signals generated through a strategy.

AmiBroker to Zerodha Automation

A user can use this bridge to utilize his existing strategies to place orders directly on Kite trading platform without any manual intervention.

AmiBroker to Interactive Broker(IB)

A user can use this bridge to utilize his existing strategies to place orders on Interactive Broker platform.

AmiBroker to Excel, CSV, Database Order Management
MetaTrader4 (MT4) to Currenex FIX Protocol

This is an automated bridge which enables placing orders in Currenex platform using FIX protocol based on signals generated in MT4.

Zerodha Automation

In this automation, user can specify their strategy and it can be implemented in Python or C#

User based server licensing system and protection
Strategy Development

We develop strategies according to the client requirement.We provide this service for Technical Analysis Platforms like

  • AmiBroker
  • Multichart
  • TradersStudio
  • Meta Trader 4 (MT4)
  • Strategies can also be developed in languages like C++, python, C# and R.

Technologies and Languages

C, C++, VC++, MFC, ATL, COM, Win32 SDK,
C#.Net, JAVA, Python, R language,
APIs and Protocols: REST APIs, FIX Protocol
Visual Studio 2008/2010/2012/2015/2017
Databases: MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Access, SQLite
Development Tools: JIRA, Bitbucket, Glow Code (Memory/Resource Leaks).
Development Methodology: Agile

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